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The daring and innovative thinking behind this dating site makes it such a breath of fresh air! quickens the meeting process and takes away the stigma often associated with such social interactions by allowing users to bid on potential first dates. The minimum bid amount is $5 (there is no maximum amount), and members (both male and female) can place and accept bids according to their personal income and preferences. With over 3 million members on this platform, over 4,850,700 bids on first dates, and a $125 average first date incentive, one can confidently say that this speed dating model has proven successful.

The unique business model cuts all the time spent sending messages, and turns dating into an interesting game of incentive, which increases the chance of getting a ‘yes’ by over 60%. The playing field is however somewhat unlevelled here, as females are more inclined to receive bids than males. After a bid has been placed, the member who is being bid on has the option of either accepting the bid or making a counter offer of their own. “Winking” is a feature that is also available. It was designed to take the awkwardness out of the bidding process, and reduce a bidder’s chances of having their bid turned down. This feature allows users send an offer without an amount; the amount can then be negotiated by both parties when the offer is accepted. Once a bid is accepted, the bidder must pay the stipulated amount, together with all other expenses on the first date.

Registration is easy and free, as the site requires only basic information about you in order to create an account. The first and most important aspect to fill out is the section which asks for your gender, followed by whether you’re interested in bidding or being bid on. Next, you will be asked to pick a username, email address and password, followed by basic demographic information; after which it is strongly advised that you utilize the filters and selection feature to sort people out according to your preferences. This makes the matches you will receive more accurate.

Registration is the only free component of the platform, as it is a dating site, and as it is with every other dating site on the market, the goal is to drive profit. Following registration, a user must purchase a membership package in order to create matches with, or even simply look through the list of available potential mates. Registration is offered in ‘credits’, with 100 credits selling at $50, 450 credits at $150, and 1,000 credits at $250. Paid membership allows you:

  • Communicate with women via messages
  • Start online dating
  • Make bids on dates
  • Start a conversation
  • Gain access to useful services

There is also an optional verification procedure which gets your account verified and consequently boosts your popularity in top rated searches. One should bear in mind that this verification costs an extra $50, therefore, it is up to you to decide if the added pros are worth it or not. The process is nonetheless quick and reliable, as all of your personal information is encrypted and none of your data is delivered to third parties. You can read more about this in the website’s privacy policy.