What Happens When You Fall in Love With Your Sugar Daddy?

A sugar affair is one of the most mutually beneficial arrangements that exist today. Both parties get exactly what they signed up for with no cumbersome strings or emotional attachments, no obligations and no need for exclusivity.  The luxury trips, picturesque destinations, lavish spending and exclusive soirees, coupled with the thrill of physical intimacy can be intoxicating to a sugar baby, especially if she is naïve; therefore, it is no surprise if a sugar baby often finds herself falling in love with the man who has exposed her to such amazing sensations.

Sugar daddy dating isn’t meant to involve romantic emotions, so naturally, when they begin to creep in, there is bound to be a problem. Often, these feelings are not reciprocated, leaving the person in love feeling depleted and shunned.

Whatever the case may be, here are three things you can do should you find yourself slipping into the unreciprocated territory of developing romantic feelings for your sugar daddy.

Give yourself a reality check
 Many sugar daddies understand that even though a relationship may seem perfect, have the astounding levels of intimacy, and make them feel like a high school kid again, there are certain elements which will inevitably pose as a stumbling block to ‘legitimizing’ the affair. Nevertheless, sugar babies do get confused.

One of these stumbling blocks is the fact that a sugar daddy is often a married man, with familial obligations, and a way to avoid getting entangled in that mess is to give yourself a gentle reality check. What are the chances that your sugar daddy feels the same way? What about the massive age gap? Will he leave his wife and risk the wrath of his family for you? Will he risk losing half of his estate to alimony and divorce settlements? If you are honest with yourself, I doubt that the answer to these questions will be yes.

For this reason, it is advisable to spare yourself the trauma of one-sided romantic emotions and either nip your feelings in the bud or end the relationship.

Stick to Principles
Sugar daddy arrangements and sugar daddy dating are a clandestine affair, and there is no doubt that your sugar daddy preferred this sort of arrangement for a reason. If he wanted a relationship he could flaunt to the world; he most likely won’t be building profiles on encrypted sugar baby website. This in itself should send you an important message: stick to the principles of the arrangement you signed up for because your sugar daddy wants a discreet affair; that’s why he opted for sugar baby dating in the first place.

Get involved with someone else
If you find yourself developing strong romantic affiliations with your sugar daddy, now may be the time to kindle another affair. Psychology says we can trick our brains into believing we are not in love with a certain person by getting involved with another. Therefore we suggest that the new affair should be one where you are free to develop emotional attachments.

Yes, we know it may sound a little mean, but when you think about the rollercoaster falling in love with your sugar daddy will take you on, it is definitely an option worth considering.

If your sugar daddy is in love with you as well, then the issue becomes one of social acceptance. People will often discourage you from such a relationship due to the massive age gap. However, it is up to you both to gauge the situation and decide what to.

Overall, a sugar baby dating should be fun and exciting. Take it purely as what it is from the beginning, and you will be less likely to fall into cupid’s traps along the way.  


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