More Lonely Rich Men Are Getting Happiness From Arrangement Dating

Money can’t buy love” this statement perfectly describe the condition of rich men’s trouble with dating. Whether this is on them or on the people they are dating is another discussion entirely. This lack of companionship can result in loneliness and depression.

Relationships can be hard to build and maintain if you don’t have the time to put in the required effort. You must care for the other person, share interests and values with them for it to work, it is a trial and error game, which is a problem for a busy person. So more rich men are becoming sugar daddies.
In this arrangement, they provide financial and career assistance in exchange for companionship and in most cases sexual favours. But what a sugar daddy gains from arrangement dating can’t be summed up that easily so let’s list some of them.

CONTROL: A sugar daddy has the upper hand in the arrangement, he can decide the terms and conditions. He decides if the arrangement is a short term or a long term one. Whether he wants to it to be discrete or public.

This arrangement saves him the hassle and work of other relationships. He knows what he wants and he gets exactly that. A sugar baby that meets his stated standard, available to him when he wants her. Which is usually in the little free time that he has.

NO-STRINGS ATTACHED: The sugar daddy only owes his sugar baby what he wants to offer her. She has no great expectation so he doesn’t have to worry about a blow up when he breaks it off or if things don’t work. This is a life saver for a sugar daddy who is in another relationship, like say a marriage.

She is not a mistress, girlfriend or wife, this is like a business arrangement which he does so well. He satisfies his needs and hers when he has the time to. She doesn’t ask him for more of his valuable time, definitely not more than he wants to give. In simply terms sugar dating dating is a whole lot less time consuming and easier than any other relationship.

HIS EGO AND SELF-ESTEEM: There is nothing like having a beautiful young sugar baby in your arms whether it is in private or in public. This is a huge boast to the ego, especially to that of an older man.
He takes her to events he would have gone to alone whether it is because there is no one else to take or he just chose to take his beautiful sugar baby. When he walk into the party with the eye candy on his arm or he takes her to dinner and he knows that he is the envy of every male in the room.  

It also helps him feel good when he listens to her, helps her and offer her advice from his ocean of experience. It does wonders for his esteem to be looked up to and thought of as a guardian shining the light for and making things happen for his sugar baby.

YOUTH: She is his elixir for old age. A sugar baby makes her sugar daddy feel young again. Maybe it’s her lack of maturity, her youthfulness or adventurous spirit.

Talking to the sugar baby with her young ideas, the feeling of being attractive to a younger woman makes him feel young. It actually makes him put in the effort to look younger and if this is done right, it can result in a healthier lifestyle.

So next time you hear someone say “money can’t buy love” maybe you should tell him about the increasing number of sugar daddies and their even a lot more sugar babies.  


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