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If you have an appetite for fine cuisine, luxury locations and the jet set lifestyle, Miss Travel may just be the perfect site for you. This unique niche dating platform functions a bit like a travel agency, by providing a way for members to meet and connect with ideal travel companions. For those seeking companionship on luxury trips, and others interested in seeing the world and sparking new connections, offers the thrill of meeting and traveling together. How does it work? There is a category of members classified as “generous” who have resources to travel in luxury. They list trips they are scheduled to embark on and the other category, classified as “attractive” can be their companion by requesting to tag along on such trips.

Generally, there are three ways that a sugar baby can meet a match on this site; a sugar daddy can also propose whichever of the three options is most suitable for him, in order to find a mate. The first is the “Come to Me” option in which a “generous” host invites an “attractive” companion (male or female) on a casual date. The second is the “Travel with me” option, which is basically self-explanatory. Here, the “generous” sponsor can ask for an “attractive” member to travel with him on an all-expense-paid trip to a specified destination. The last option is “Show Me your Town”, and this entails an “attractive” member asking a “generous” user to sponsor an all-expense-paid trip to his town. These are all great ways to explore new destinations and build friendships while at it. ¬†

The site allows people create accounts only via an active email address, and most of the site’s contacting features are free (excluding messaging which is open to only female and premium male users). The user interface is also quite decent. The first step in the registration process is to create a unique username for your account. Upon the completion of this, you will be asked to verify your email address, which is a vital step. You can then proceed by filing out basic information about yourself. Typically, it takes less than 1 hour for profile photos to be approved and uploaded, but sometimes, it can take up to a day. This is because each profile photo submission is reviewed individually before it is made public in order to verify the quality and sincerity of people signing up to the platform.

Although few, the services on the site are divided into a “Free” and “Paid” category. The free category covers:

  • Registration
  • Profile completion
  • Posting trips
  • The option to add people to a group of favorites

While the paid category covers:

  • Sending messages
  • Reading messages
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Highlighting posted trips

 With the cost of membership ranging from $60 for a month, to $165 for 3 months, and $300 for 6 months, this site is anything but cheap. It should also be noted that a premium update is required to keep up to speed with the site, especially for male users.


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