How Should You Spend the Allowance From Your Sugar Daddy?

The monetary incentive that usually comes along with being in a sugar daddy arrangement is perhaps one of the most attractive things about the lifestyle. Many sugar daddies place their sugar babies on monthly allowances, alongside other rewards and non-monetary gifts. The question for the sugar baby thus becomes “what is the best way to spend the allowances I receive from my sugar daddy?”

Foremost, a sugar baby must be cautious about the sort of gifts she accepts from her older benefactor. You should never accept large gifts (such as cars or real estate) without first verifying that your name is on the ownership documents. This is to avoid a situation where a sugar daddy can repossess his gifts to you when the relationship is over. For the same reason, the best gift a sugar daddy can give a sugar baby is cash. It is also helpful to liquidate gifts like jewelry in preparation for the not so rosy days.

That said, it is extremely important that you both agree on a stipulated sum that will serve as your monthly allowance. Your sugar daddy is allowed to give you other gifts besides the monthly allowance; however, the monthly allowance serves as a mark of the minimum monthly amount you must receive from your sugar daddy. A quality sugar daddy will take this very seriously, and if yours doesn’t, you probably need to start searching for a new sugar daddy.

 When it comes to how this money should be spent, we believe it is really a matter of discipline, personal preference and priorities. The first thing to understand in determining how you should spend your allowance from a sugar daddy is why you decided to have a sugar daddy in the first place. Was it to pay for your education? To travel the world? Or to live the luxurious life of your dreams? This will serve as a roadmap that guides your spending habits. If you started looking for a sugar daddy for the purpose of paying for your education, the chances are that all your allowances will be spent on tuition, books and education-related expenses.

We asked a few sugar babies how they would spend the allowance they received from their sugar daddies, and this is what they had to say:

“I am still in the process of getting my nursing license, so any money I receive from my sugar daddy will be put into my school. I will also get my own place off-campus and move out of the school dormitory”- Mandy, 21.

“I will use the money for something that satisfies both of us and contributes towards enhancing the quality of the relationship. I will buy him a gift or organise a fun activity that we can both enjoy”- Liz, 19.

In the final analysis, it is important to realize where discipline comes into play in the equation. It is very easy to become mesmerised by the incentives attached to the sugar baby lifestyle, so much that you lose focus of your main goal and begin to lead an impulsive and unsustainable lifestyle.  

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